Use Left Mouse Button/Spacebar 


Click on the pause button on the top left or press the ESC key 

This is a Unity clone of the game CANABALT as a student game development project. The (very good) original Flash game can now be found on Flashpoint, and there's an official port on Steam. 

For this project, we were tasked to create a clone of a game over the course of seven weeks. After being given a list of games to choose from, we were heavily inspired by the structure of Canabalt. In terms of scope, we heavily focused on player movement, procedural generation, and UI system.  We wanted to create both a blend of Canabalt HD with its UI system and the player interactions of the original flash game to create a unique experience for players. Lastly,  we aimed to create background music, however, we did not have time to implement SFX.

We hope you enjoy our work and let us know how we did! 

To Play the procedural generation scene: Click Play!

To play the fixed level scene: Click on the lighter small button to the Right!

Important Note (Some of the Options under the Options tab are for show haha the only one that you can really change is sound volume)


Darcy Gutierrez 

Steve Hu

Jaden Pickering 

Carson Gilford

Diane Yang

Made withUnity


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I got to 999m!!! really great progress, it feels like it's coming together

- add sound!! very important for the game feel here!!

- make sure death camera doesn't keep scrolling horizontally, and don't let death camera drop too low (or else it destroys the illusion of your buildings)

- imo you should be more generous with the jump timing, there's lots of instances where I jumped off too late but I felt like I should've been able to jump anyway? in platformer design we call this "coyote time" where we let the player jump for a little while even after they leave the ledge... let me know if you need help brainstorming how to code this

other notes:
- parallax offsets should always be slower vs. the further back you go into the background... i.e. it's weird that the back parallax is scrolling faster than the front parallax, tune the parallax more
- falling animation and rolling animation feel solid enough to me, but I think running animation needs another pass, leg movement is a little awkward, is there a misplaced frame?... also maybe adjust the framerate on the animations, could be a bit faster or more fluid?
- core gameplay is almost there, now push it more and make sure the juice and tuning and sound is there!
- it's ok to replace the credits with your own names in the final version, as long as you make clear this was a exercise for school and you're not actually trying to steal Canabalt lol ... bug report: I got stuck on the edge of the building and now I can't fall down :( ... you might need a special collider / trigger on the sides of buildings, OR use PlatformEffector2D to disable side friction, you'll have to see what works best for your scene setup